The world of silk production is the microcosm Setificio Leuciano. The basis of the strategy on which the company’s development is based is tradition, this linked to the experience of the historic workforce existing in San Leucio thanks to the presence of local workers skilled in silk art.

The reproduction of ancient silks and the creation of customized fabrics is certainly the flagship of the Leuciano silk factory, but it is also possible to buy own production fabrics, with a presence of about 500 items in stock that are integrated every day thanks to the continuous research by internal designers and continuous collaboration with the CNR and the University. Prestigious processes, with designs taken from tradition, flank new productions with a more contemporary taste, thus tracing a valid and unique combination of history and innovation.

The offer is completed by a wide range of finished products such as art trimmings to be combined with prestigious fabrics, furnishing accessories and men’s / women’s fashion accessories.

The products of the Leuciano silk factory stand out for the attention to detail, for the care in the choice of materials and for the continuous research to an ever increasing quality. The goal is to interpret and anticipate the wishes of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Every fabric, every piece of furniture, every single fashion accessory made is “built” by master craftsmen.

The passion for work turns into a meticulous control of all production phases and a continuous attention to detail to create something unique, a work of art every time.



Brocade is one of the most precious fabrics on the market.

Thanks to the decorations with a bas-relief effect, it makes objects of textile elegance and interior and fashion design objects of royal elegance.




Damask is a silk fabric characterized by the contrast of brightness between the background and the pattern.

The grandiose and regal ornaments are the effect of a warp and a basic weave sometimes crossed by gold and silver threads.



Lampas is a textured fabric, obtained from the interweaving of threads that animate and reverberate colors and shades.

The effect of the processing, enriched by floral motifs, is shown in a single warp on different wefts.



From the French lisérer which means “hemming, profiling”, Liseré is a fabric obtained by untying the underlying texture.

There are several processes, including those with two alternating background warps or two discontinuous warps.