The Leuciano silk factory renews and continues the ancient tradition of San Leucio silk. New technologies and young entrepreneurs, through a contemporary management idea, renew the old factory without ever abandoning the artisan past that is so precious.

The right balance between innovation and craftsmanship, between old and new represents the new commercial activity where producing silk returns to be the main feature of San Leucio and the province of Caserta.

The origins of the Leuciano silk factory date back to around 1778 when the Real Colonia di San Leucio was established, which was known and recognized throughout Europe, for the ability of its community to create an excellent manufacture based on silk production.

The Royal Colony of San Leucio has developed, thanks to the illuminated project of King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, since 1789, the production of unique and very precious fabrics famous all over the world.

Today this Royal Site together with its silk museum and the Royal Palace of Caserta, is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO; in this prestigious setting, the Leuciano silk factory, the last and only silk factory active in San Leucio, through technological research and craftsmanship, tradition and silk virtues, offers its precious fabrics.

The Leuciano silk factory has excellence as its goal and manages to achieve it within its production process thanks to the firm determination to combine new talents with figures with long manufacturing experience. All this allows the company to produce innovative products, still treating the silks today according to the rules of the most ancient and noble Leucian tradition and keeping alive the testimony of the best Made in Italy.


Co-founder, CEO

“The added value of the Leuciano silk factory is the ability to interpret the needs of contemporary taste without forgetting our tradition of excellence”