The Setificio Leuciano, renews and continues the ancient tradition of Silk of San Leucio. New technologies and young entrepreneurs, through a contemporary idea of ​​managing to maintain the great factory without ever abandoning the craft he spent so much precious. The right balance between innovation and craftsmanship, between old and new is the new commercial activities which produce silk again becomes the main feature of San Leucio and the province of Caserta.

La Royal Colony of San Leucio He developed, thanks to the enlightened project of a king, since 1789, the production of unique and very precious fabrics famous worldwide. Today this Royal Site along with its Silk Museum and the Reggia di Caserta, It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by’UNESCO; in this prestigious setting the Setificio Leuciano, last and only active in San Leucio silk factory, through technological research and craftsmanship, tradition and virtue 'serum, It offers its precious fabrics.

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